Beyond Strengthening by Michael Broadhead

Five years on, the devastation of the Christchurch earthquake remains fresh in the memory of many. In the aftermath of these events pressure mounts to upgrade the building stock across the country.  While some building owners find the requirement to strengthen their building understandably daunting, most are now looking beyond the financial pressure from insurers and seeing the opportunity that major upgrades can bring.  


From disaster emerges opportunity. Perhaps we should embrace this opportunity to breathe fresh life into our towns? Strengthening of buildings in and around Stafford Street is well under way. We’re working with owners to not only bring their structures up to code but also transform dated buildings into modern, functional and inspiring spaces … watch this space.


BROOMS AND CORNERS by Michael Broadhead

"A new broom sweeps clean, but the old broom knows the corners"..........the saying goes. 

LID has put the old broom in the bin and picked up a lighter, more uber technological model cause who thought brooms could be any better or different right?. 

Taking a step back from my day to day running of LID. I had managed fairly well with my broom "a simple system" that I knew well and was now 7 years old. However the broom was lacking in every way, shape, form, and speed. On went the thinking cap I started researching and researching like I was doing my masters, concentrating on mainly the UK architecture scene. My findings opened up my eyes to a uber hip word #collaboration or #colab. I knew of this collaboration, however always thinking "I'm not going to share my ideas and information, cause someone else will use in their projects", How narrow minded of me to think this way, It wasn't like I had cracked The Da Vinci Code, So I decided to invest in a new broom and begin the sweeping and sharing, beginning with the empowerment of our amazing team.

Slowly we began talking about the ways we can improve on within our business, design and drawings using the technology we already have but using it better, smarter and most definitely cooler. The team took the new broom started to clean those cobwebs and dust collecting corners.

This new broom has made me the most excited I have been about what I do in along time. Its great to see the change in LID and the energy we now all have everyday, to sweep sweep sweep that dust from the corners.



50 YEARS since the death of LE CORBUSIER by Michael Broadhead

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, who was better known as Le Corbusier was a Swiss-French architect, designer, painter, urban planner, writer, and one of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture

Le Corbusier was dedicated to providing better living conditions for the residents of crowded cities.

Last week marked 50 years since the death of Le Corbusier and Archdaily gathered 7 Documentaries to Deepen Your Understanding of the man himself and his 78 year career.

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On February 6th 2016 Timaru will be hosting the World Bike Polo Championships.

LID ARCHITECTURE is proud to be an offical partner in the design and organising the construction of the courts and venue layout.

Richard Brown from sat with Mike from LID down and found out more about the courts and venue. 


ALIVE ARCHITECTURE by Michael Broadhead

Our world, Our lives even the buildings we live and work in are becoming faster, more complex and more desirable. The constant pressure and request or more for less is typical and almost cliche within the construction industry, especially in architecture. A new dawn has rise, yet only to been seen by a few, not because it's unseeable but because it's different, challenging, exciting and forward.

This new dawn is BIM "Building Information Modelling" But what is BIM ?. BIM in simple terms you model components of buildings e.g. windows and doors and input information like the type of handles, the glass type or cost and the computer can generate schedules and tables of information for contractors to price off. Creating a apples for apples tender or cost rather than estimates vs actual. 



BIM is exciting and relies on a collaborative effort from all parties involved in a construction project. Sharing ideas, information and thinking about the end user THE CLIENT !.

LID ARCHITECTURE has dived in deep into the world of BIM in New Zealand taking an open and honest approach to architecture and its projects. 

LID is fizzing with life on the break of the new dawn, so who wants to watch it rise everyday with us ?.