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ALIVE ARCHITECTURE by Michael Broadhead

Our world, Our lives even the buildings we live and work in are becoming faster, more complex and more desirable. The constant pressure and request or more for less is typical and almost cliche within the construction industry, especially in architecture. A new dawn has rise, yet only to been seen by a few, not because it's unseeable but because it's different, challenging, exciting and forward.

This new dawn is BIM "Building Information Modelling" But what is BIM ?. BIM in simple terms you model components of buildings e.g. windows and doors and input information like the type of handles, the glass type or cost and the computer can generate schedules and tables of information for contractors to price off. Creating a apples for apples tender or cost rather than estimates vs actual. 



BIM is exciting and relies on a collaborative effort from all parties involved in a construction project. Sharing ideas, information and thinking about the end user THE CLIENT !.

LID ARCHITECTURE has dived in deep into the world of BIM in New Zealand taking an open and honest approach to architecture and its projects. 

LID is fizzing with life on the break of the new dawn, so who wants to watch it rise everyday with us ?.